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10 Good Reasons to choose Arcadja

1. 100% safe
more than 10,000 transactions a year are a guarantee
We use the best technologies to guarantee absolute safety in your purchases. When you use a credit card on Arcadja, your financial data pass exclusively through Paypal, the safest system in the world to make online payments, with more than 100 million accounts in 190 countries worldwide.

2. Protected even after your purchase
client satisfaction counts more than anything else
Only Arcadja gives you the chance to change your mind even 30 days after purchasing an annual subscription, giving you a 100% refund of what you paid.

We think global
third in the world in our sector, a cause of pride for Italian entrepreneurship
Arcadja is an Italian enterprise but We offer a web tool to guarantee that you get complete and precise assistance in using our portal, even in your language.

Lower price
with us all services are included!
Compared to our main competitors, Arcadja makes you save more than 5000€. Reports, notifications, images and hammer prices are included and UNLIMITED with our “pro” subscription.

Up-to-date information
every day thousands of new sales from every part of the world
Arcadja’s staff work daily to offer you the details of sales from all over the world. Try out our auction calendar, our portal is updated 365 days a year!

Always in touch with our notifications
we notify you as soon as we know that a work you are interested in is going to be auctioned!
With our “PRO” subscription you can get unlimited automatic notifications for your favourite artists. You can know, sometimes months in advance, where the works of the artists you are most interested in will be auctioned.

Safe from inflation
we convert prices with the exchange rate effective on the date of the auction
Thanks to our avant-garde instruments, Arcadja offers you ALL the hammer prices converted into your currency ON THE DATE OF THE AUCTION. You will be able to know precisely the real price of a work with the exchange rate effective on the day of the sale.

Don’t be caught out
protect yourself from ill-considered purchases with our chronicles of works at auction
In 2010, Arcadja has set up a unique tool of its kind. With our advanced technology, it is possible to know how many times a specific work has been auctioned in the last 10 years. Therefore, you can know if the work you are interested in has been object of unfruitful auction sales or if it has been at the centre of exploits.

9. Follow the trend year after year
simple charts for complex analyses
Ten years of statistics on the prices of works by more than 100,000 artists. With our tools it is easy to find out if an artist has been depreciated or become object of greater interest for the market in order to choose the right moment to sell or buy a work.

Inside the market with Art Magazine
a daily tool to keep you informed about the art world
Arcadja’s Art Magazine represents the other side of the art market. Besides figures, information is also essential to evaluate works. International exhibitions, new attributions, highlights of the main auctions in the world, these are just some of the issues dealt with every day in our magazine.